Promises of Our Grandmothers : The Battle at Line 3
2023 | Feature Documentary
Dir: Gingger Shankar & Big Wind River

The film follows the Giniw Collective, a diverse group led by Indigenous Women, Two Spirit, Femme and Queer frontline warriors who are defending Mother Earth, the water, the land, and their right to harvest wild rice, as their ancestors did before them, in the only place it grows in the world. Through direct action, training, living, and defending what they believe in, this group becomes family and community as it fights together for one of the last sacred places on this earth against Enbridge's Line 3, whose pipeline will carve trenches through 330-miles of Minnesota's unspoiled wetlands, poisoning water, Indigenous land, and threatening to destroy their very way of life. Putting their lives and freedom at risk, there have already been more arrests than Standing Rock with the violence against unarmed Indigenous women increasing daily.

Against the backdrop of a country ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Canadian oil company Enbridge - a company with over 800 spills in the last 15 years, including the largest inland oil spill in US history - races to finish the Line 3 pipeline, which will stretch from the tar sands of Alberta to the shores of Lake Superior, crossing the Mississippi and threatening to poison the water of 18 million people living downstream.

Shot beautifully and giving center stage not just to the women and their cultures but to the landscape and wildlife they are protecting, we weave together daily camp life, action-planning, political campaigning, and frontline direct
action scenes so the viewer can witness the dangers these women undertake to protect what they love, and the leadership it takes to organize and execute movements on the ground, often outside of the view of mainstream media.

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